Marbrerie Lampertz

It simply sounds superb in French. Marbrerie Lampertz terms itself a “stone designer” and of course the Luxembourg company not only processes marble, from which it derives its name, but also natural stone from all over the world. They come with exotic names such as Rouge Alicante, Pietra Piasentina or Nero Zimbabwé.

On display in the Walferdange showrooms are above all exclusive baths, fixtures and special natural stones for refined interiors – illuminated to great effect using Timmler LED luminaires. By contrast, in the Lampertz head office, the great diversity of natural stone and how it can be used for façades, patios and interiors is to be viewed. In the elegant new showroom entire marble walls are lit up and thus have an especially beautiful appeal.

Particularly suited for the task: LED luminaires installed by TTC Timmler Technology (TTC), requiring little depth and delivering homogeneous light, bringing the colors and fine grains to radiant life. TTC’s LED Around is used for even lighting in the display cases and the luxurious showers with natural stone walls. Real highlights: the new, extremely small spots named LED Luc that emphasize the qualities of the fixtures and specimen stones as if they were gems. For even the most beautiful marble first reveals its precious grain when cast in the right light.

The rounded walls of the travertine bath first come into their own when duly illuminated. Photo: © Bernd Haugrund/Artdoku
The rounded walls of the travertine bath first come into their own when duly illuminated. Photo: © Bernd Haugrund/Artdoku
The Lampertz logo is lit up using LED Around from TTC Technology. Photo: © Bernd Haugrund/Artdoku
The special illumination ensures the stone’s colors and grain appear in their true light. Photo: © Bernd Haugrund/Artdoku
The mixer faucets are displayed as if in a museum, illuminated by the LED Luc minispot. Photo: © Bernd Haugrund/Artdoku
The luxurious baths and the beautiful materials from which they are made are presented in the right light, using LED luminaires from TTC Technology. Photo: © Bernd Haugrund/Artdoku
The world map is magically back-lit by LED Around. Photo: © Bernd Haugrund/Artdoku
The vitrines with the specimen stones are bathed in an even, homogeneous light using LED Around luminaires. Photo: © Bernd Haugrund/Artdoku
In the receses and vitrines, the LED Luc minispots from TTC Technology highlight the specimen stones and fixtures. Photo: © Bernd Haugrund/Artdoku
The company name is also emphasized using LED Luc minispots. Photo: © Bernd Haugrund/Artdoku

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