Merten - The pocket size home
von Vera Siegmund | Mar 30, 2008

Often it is small things, seemingly insignificant inadequacies that make our lives in the everyday microcosm of our own four walls difficult, and make a smooth sequence of actions harder. Thus we necessarily initially place the shopping bags on the floor while we search for the light switch next to the door frame. Or sit up with a sigh in bed when we notice that we have forgotten to turn off the light. For some years now, Merten has been creating communications and systems solutions for facilities technology in order to create the right balance between the buildings in which we live and work and our mobile way of life - and to foster intelligent buildings. The "Connect" radio system which Merten brought to market last year enables you to control just about all electronic units in your home. Be they blinds, outdoor or interior lighting, room temperatures, or countless appliances - the radio controls are not only far easier to use, but also provides certainty on security and energy-saving issues. To ensure "Connect" can be used even more flexibly, Merten is now presenting its "move" radio switch at Light+Building 2008. It not only proves that a switch need not be irrevocably fixed to a wall, as the small, round radio switch can simply be removed from the relevant wall mounting and used as a remote control.For anyone who wishes to access all building functions from anywhere, at the trade fair Merten is presenting under its label Merten@Home the optimized Internet Controller IC1 V2. The user interface is always structured in the same way irrespective of the input medium, be it a Smartphone, PDA, PC or Touchscreen.
By means of Merten@Home, not only can functions in private residential areas such as lighting be controlled, for example in order to create the impression that some one is at home when they are in fact away for longer periods. The software can also be used to shut down appliances that consume energy or to regulate ambient room temperatures.

If the house can also think for itself, much more energy gets saved - and in the form of Merten@Home that can even be triggered from an Internet café while you are on holiday in Italy or Japan.Light+Building 2008
Hall 8, Booth E90
"Move" radio switch