Photo © Arquine
Photo © Arquine
Photo © Arquine
by Arquine Magazine
Mar 18, 2014

The city is the most important artifact that humankind has ever build and the most complex that exists. Mexico is changing from a predominantly rural country into an urban nation at a time when people from other parts of the planet are already concentrated in cities. Architecture as a cultural phenomenon shapes the cities created by its citizens.

Exhibitions, festivals or architectural biennials serve to reflect on and imagine scenarios. When we show and discuss architecture out of its place it becomes an act of imagination and eventually a laboratory. These events serve to insert other people’s experiences and personal needs into a collective “drawing board”. In a way, the task of published and exhibited architecture is to combine ideas with images.

With 14 congresses to its name, Arquine has built a culture of discussion about architecture. This year, with the 15th congress, the magazine also initiated a festival, to exceed the limits of the architectural discipline. To creatively transform the city not only the participation and complicity of society is needed, also the commitment of those who are managing the city is required.

In partnership with the Mexico City Government, Arquine is launching Mextropoli, the first international festival of architecture and the city, a festival that encourages and promotes urban values and works as a link between citizens and architects, designers, urban planners , sociologists, anthropologists, artists and politicians. Mextropoli will be an event where we can test for a few days what a desirable metropolis could be.

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Stylepark is mediapartner of Mextropoli.