Mika Barr stands for a kind of textile design that is being enthusiastically received the world over. A graduate of Tel Aviv’s Shenkar College, she prints pillows, blankets and other textiles with a polymer in such a way that they have refined geometric folds. And therefore ‘wrinkle’ in their own special way. Mika Barr loves experimenting with fabrics and uses both silkscreening and digital printing techniques. And she certainly has the right feel for these things, as evidenced by the countless designers and companies she has collaborated with. Her textiles have been used, for example, by Israeli furniture maker Producks for its “Poli” armchair and “Buttercup” pendant luminaire. Barr is both a designer and an entrepreneur who sells her own home accessories – a dual role that initially caused her all the usual hiccups, but sales through online provider Etsy and stores in her home country are now on a scale that leave the self-confessed optimist completely happy.