Comfort in the curve

“Victoria” is the name of the new bed designed by Stefano Bigi for Milano Bedding, and it certainly introduces luxurious comfort into the bedroom.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 7/14/2020

Generous cushioning and a headboard with sides that curve inwards to gently envelop the guest: Milano Bedding’s “Victoria” promises a restful night and a pleasant, soft awakening that will make you want to stay in bed all day. In his design for the new bed by Milano Bedding, Stefano Bigi has paid close attention to rounded edges. The headboard is the crowning element of the design, with sides that curve gently inwards and thus appear to embrace the bedstead with their form. “The wide shapes invoke a feeling of peace and deep relaxation,” says Bigi. Thanks to the headboard’s soft upholstery, it also provides a comfortable sitting position for the sleeper to read a few pages of a book before turning off the light, for example. Thus "Victoria", with slatted base, is made in a fixed version, with storage and with "Komodo" storage, a practical system that raises the slatted base and the mattress without effort, thanks to its clever mechanism.

An extra element of individuality comes with the headboard’s cover, which can incorporate stitching and is available in multiple colors. The feet, meanwhile, provide plenty of opportunity to give “Victoria” a unique character: covered with the same material as the rest of the bed, it creates the appearance of one solid piece, while wood or metal options offer a different tone. A pleasant feel is crucial, according to Stefano Bigi, since that is finally what took him from web design to product design. “The switch from the 2D graphics and web design to semi-industrial 3D that you can touch, that you can actually experience, was a revelation for me” he says. His design is intended to evoke emotions while remaining closely connected to everyday life in its functionality. He adds: “It was never my intention to create pieces for museum collections; my furniture is made to be experienced by users and to be part of their everyday lives”.

In his cooperation with Milano Bedding, Stefano Bigi has found a partner with longstanding expertise: Roberto de Lorenzo founded the company Kover S.r.l. back in 1985 and during the mid-Nineties positioned Milano Bedding as a brand offering an outstanding degree of sleeping and sitting comfort. All the furniture from the Italian manufacturer, including the new “Victoria” bed, is produced in Brianza (Lombardy), which ensures ongoing quality assurance. “For me, the piece of furniture is not only a work by a designer: it is the result of the interaction of the designer’s expertise and the manufacturer’s technical capabilities, of form and technology. Reaching a balance between innovation and rationality is the engine that drives me to new horizons,” says Stefano Bigi.

Stefano Bigi