Minotti Collection
von Nancy Jehmlich | Sep 30, 2008

Jane Wyman, Andy Warhol, Peter Smithson, Henri Matisse and the Rolling Stones, especially Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, also appear to be part of the club of those stars designer Rodolfo Dordoni admires and after whom he likes to name his furniture. For more than a decade now, Dordoni has worked together closely with Italian designer furniture makers Minotti. The Milan-based family-owned company is renowned the world over for discerning design and the modern lifestyle the designs convey. On Wednesday, October 8, Minotti will present its new collection "OneWorld" at Neue Werkstätten, Munich's interior design and furnishings store. In cooperation with individual manufacturers, Neue Werkstätten regularly presents new products and special exhibitions; in fact, this will be the second major show presenting Minotti products.

The current "OneWorld" collection includes: "Albers", a seating system with clear proportions - with its various formats and measurements, each individual element can be integrated into other modules; "Breton", a sofa which mixes classic and contemporary design; "Twombly", a chair and armchair with soft shapes; not to mention many other pieces of furniture. The "OneWorld" collection was first presented at Milan's Furniture Salon in 2008 and is now premiering in Germany.

At the same time as Minotto's exhibition at Neue Werkstätten, two superlative art events will also take place in Munich. For the fifth time, "Munich Highlights 2008", will present as many as 29 international art dealers and gallery owners on October 11-19; and auction house Quittenbaum is hosting the "Erleuchtet" - High Points in Design History V show from November 8-10. Some 150 items famed in design history, in particular luminaires and lamps, will be on display. On November 10, at 20.00 p.m., these will be auctioned in the Terrassensaal at Munich's Haus der Kunst.

Some of the precious collector items can already be seen in the Minotti exhibition at Neue Werkstätten. Bringing art and design come full circle again.

Minotti - OneWorld Collection
October 9 - December 6, 2008
Neue Werkstätten
Promenadeplatz 8
80333 Munich

"Erleuchtet" - Höhepunkte der Design-Geschichte V
Exhibition - lectures - auction
November 8-10, 2008
Haus der Kunst, Munich

Munich Highlights 2008
October 11-19, 2008
Diverse Galleries and art dealerships in inner-city Munich.