Typographic furniture

The "Font" seating collection by Møbel Copenhagen is inspired by typography and can be played with in a variety of ways due to its neutral character.
by Alexander Russ | 12/3/2021

"The aim was to create chairs with a design language neutral enough to be placed into various environments and contexts, without taking all the attention," David Thulstrup says of "Font". The upholstered seating collection, which the Danish architect and designer created for Møbel Copenhagen, ranges from dining chairs to sofas, lounge chairs and bar stools. It works both in the contract sector and in the home and, thanks to its well-measured mix of tradition and innovation, exemplifies the design philosophy of Møbel Copenhagen.

The name "Font" refers to typographic fonts and is derived from the different thicknesses of the chair cushions and backrests: Thus the dining chair is called "Regular," the lounge chair "Bold" and the bar stool "Light." Yet all the furniture is linked by a common design language that David Thulstrup developed from various circular geometries. One example is the "Font Light Bar Sofa", whose shape was created by merging two bar stools. Despite the uniform design, each piece of furniture responds individually to the specific requirements placed on each typology. Accordingly, for example, the demand for comfort is different, which can be seen in the volume and size of the upholstered parts, which are smaller in the bar stool "Light Stool" than in the lounge chair "Bold Lounge Chair".

In terms of design, the collection can be played with in a variety of ways due to its neutral character. Its design language forms the basis for a variety of configuration options that give each piece of furniture its own character. Møbel Copenhagen provides different fabrics and colors for this purpose, ranging from colorful textiles to leather and sheepskin. In addition, all chairs are available with or without armrests. In the version with armrests, these merge with the curved backrest and form an elegant unit that seems to embrace the sitter. The accompanying steel frame is available in chrome, black and white, but can also be supplied in individual colors. Thus, "Font" can be perfectly adapted to the context due to its successful combination of flexibility, functionality, craftsmanship and honest materials.