more 2021: CUT

Tables with an architectural feel: Peter Fehrentz designed the "CUT" collection in wood for the Hamburg-based company more.

"CUT" is the name of the new table by Peter Fehrentz for more. Made of solid wood, the designer uses the effect of the contrasts of solid material and the narrow diameter of the tops, of straight lines and legs that are gently ground inwards, reminiscent of the blade of a knife. "The idea for the 'CUT' table was a large, solitary table that is solid on one side, but also light and delicate on the other," says Peter Fehrentz. The tabletop thus runs from 2.8 centimetres thick to 0.8 centimetres thick at the edges in the course of the undercut. As a result, "CUT" is able to withstand all the stresses and strains of everyday life and still looks pleasantly light. In different types of wood and with oiled and waxed or matt lacquered surfaces as well as in several sizes, "CUT" by Peter Fehrentz for more also offers a wide variety of finishes for different architectures. In the rectangular version, the table is available in diameters from 200 to 400 centimetres and in extra widths, in the round version in diameters from 140 to 200 centimetres. (am)

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