Nature is at home everywhere
von | 9/18/2012

Rounded contours shape the new “Axor Starck Organic” bathroom collection by star designer Philippe Starck for design brand Axor from bathroom experts Hansgrohe in Schiltach. The range features bath, shower and washbasin fittings whose handles and bodies appear to melt into one another. Their organic shape is reminiscent of natural forms.

This new series of mixers spent three years in development and is thus distinguished not only by its minimalist design, but a new spout and sustainable production methods, too. The company’s in-house research department developed a water spout for the washbasin mixer, whereby – like a showerhead – the water flows through 90 openings, covering a larger surface of skin with water at any one time, while maintaining a low flow rate of just 3.5 liters per minute in comparison to the market norm of 7 liters.

An added advantage of the fittings in the “Axor Starck Organic” bathroom collection is the separate operation of the flow rate and water temperature. While the water is turned on and off at the end of the spout, the temperature can be regulated at the upper end.

Thanks to the company’s new, sustainable production methods, the fittings, which are manufactured exclusively at Hansgrohe’s Axor factory, require around a third less brass and therefore significantly reduce the amount of energy entailed in their manufacture.

Looking back on their 20-year collaboration with the French designer, CEO Philippe Grohe is still fascinated by Starck’s will to break away from the standard mentality, patterns of behavior and design norms to come up with something completely new.

The organic shape of the bathtub thermostat appears to reference the dynamic flow of water, photo © Axor Starck Original
Based on a showerhead: The flow of water from the washbasin mixer passes through 90 openings, photo © Axor Starck Original
The handles and thermostats melt into one sculptural form. The water flow is activated at the lower end of the spout, while the temperature is regulated at the upper end, photo © Axor Starck Original
Thermostat and showerhead bracket, photo © Axor Starck Original
Rounded contours shape the “Axor Starck Organic” range of bathroom fittings, photo © Axor Starck Original
Experience nature in your own bathroom: organically-shaped fittings for the washbasin, bathtub and shower designed by Philippe Starck for Axon by Hansgrohe, photo © Axor Starck Original
Forms found in the natural world define the new “Axor Starck Organic” series of bathroom fittings for Hansgrohe, photo © Axor Starck Original
Fitting for any bathroom design: the minimalistic design of the “Axor Starck Organic” collection of bathroom fittings, photo © Axor Starck Original
Just 3.5 liters per minute flow through the washbasin mixer: sustainability combined with sufficient water for effective cleaning, photo © Axor Starck Original
Washbasin pillar tap from the “Axor Starck Organic” range of bathroom fittings, photo © Axor Starck Original
The fittings are made using a third less brass and therefore require less energy for their manufacture, photo © Axor Starck Original
Elegant and user friendly: thermostat and single-lever shower mixer, photo © Axor Starck Original

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