New angled vision thanks to remmidemmi
by Thomas Wagner | Mar 17, 2011
All photos © ic! berlin

You know the story about the pink-tinted glasses? Forget it. The world has long-since been being comprehensively tricked, dissected into its media parts and dipped in a whole array of advertising colors. That's old hat in the 21st century. So what counts today is to be different, the ultimate in off-beat. Irritation is the buzzword today. Where we're all lost, nothing can be left in balance.

Jürgen Mayer H. collects many thinks and not just patterns for data protection. When he designs buildings such as the Mensa Moltke, the "Dupli.Casa" or the new airport building in Georgia's Mestia, or soft furniture from hard mosaic stones, or renders body heat visible on bedclothes and recliners, he always sheds an idiosyncratic, offbeat angle on things. And he has now created a "jürgen mayer h. special collection" for the glasses label "ic! Berlin", and the range certainly breaks with the symmetry of faces. The two halves of anyone's face are never quite the same, and so he has decided to expressly emphasize the difference.

If you soon step out into the dazzling sun (say from underneath the large tree-umbrellas in Seville that JMH made as part of his "Metropol Parasol"), you should definitely be wearing them, these irritating, nonconformist glasses. Balanced? Mediocre? - Certainly not! Anyone wanting to depart from the norm can now choose from versions that all toy with the good old teardrop shape of so-called pilot glasses and have such marvelous names as "boytoy", "tictoc", "okidoki", "larifari" and "remmidemmi". Whichever you should choose, behind all these frames one hears the cry for a slightly different angle on life. Long live asymmetry! Okeydokey.

All photos © ic! berlin