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Feb 28, 2012

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Max Ernst: Laurels and strawberries

From February 29, Sprengel Museum in Hanover will be dedicating an exhibition to Max Ernst's later works. This composition of printed works (individual pieces, portfolios and books) bears testimony to the artist's versatility. Yet the exhibits also reveal his aversion to the sudden fame that he experienced during his lifetime: "He, who would rather have a single wild strawberry, than all the laurels in the world."


John Pawson: Photographic perspectives of an architect

John Pawson's architectural works are generally known for their minimalist aesthetics and light-flooded spaces. An exhibition opening at Munich's Pinakothek der Moderne on March 1 will now present a cross-section of his work. However, next to a room-in-room installation displaying a collection of Pawson's personal photography, this retrospective of his most famous works in Germany takes a backseat. In contrast to his architectural designs, these photographic works are astonishing in their vitality and diverse color palette.


Guggenheim Museum: When the singular becomes plural

From March 2, an adaptation of an exhibition originally shown in Germany will whisk visitors to New York's Guggenheim Museum away into the iridescent, colorful world of Indian cinema. Yet the exhibition is intended to draw the visitor's attention to more than the cultural and artistic diversity of the "country of a thousand colors". Rather, the focus here is on the social significance of the Bollywood movie machine. Films, videos and sound installations actively involve the visitor in the creative process behind the exhibition itself. And so, the singular not only becomes a plural, but a collective.


Kunsthalle Mannheim: competition for new building

The "Stiftung Kunsthalle Mannheim" recently launched an open architecture competition to design the Neue Kunsthalle Mannheim. The Mitzlaff wing, which is in great need of renovation, is now to make way for a new building that will meet the highest ecological and economic standards. Great importance has also been attached to the aesthetic qualities of the new edifice, ensuring that it harmonizes perfectly with its Art-Nouveau surroundings. The project constitutes one of the most important elements of Mannheim's bid to become European Capital of Culture 2020. The application deadline for the architectural competition is March 19, 2012.