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Mar 13, 2012

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Diane Arbus: a doctrine about people

In her photographic oeuvre, Diane Arbus often told the naked, merciless truth. In New York in the 1950s and 1960s she portrayed not only normal citizens off the street and celebrities. She also focused on outsiders on the periphery of life in society then. The result was images of the physically and mentally challenged, the poor, the ill, prostitutes, transvestites and nudists. Fotomuseum Winterthur is hosting a retrospective through May 28 that includes some 200 works.


Vienna: Homedepot

This year, the Semperdepot, the studio house attached to the Vienna Academy of the Fine Arts, is once again opening all its doors for the Homedepot furniture fair. The institution's own event, the Home Magazin, offers exhibitors from the fields of furniture, bathrooms, kitchens and textiles plenty of exhibition space for their products. Homedepot runs from March 14 to March 18.


East German design: rightly forgotten?

"Penti", "Erika" and "Bebo Sher" are just a few of the classics of East German design. A chapter in German design treated condescendingly and often simply ignored, but the subject of a panel discussion on March 15 at Museum der Dinge in Berlin. The panelists will shed light on the diametrically opposed design histories in what was then divided Germany. East German design, symbol of improvisation, stagnation, an economy of scarcity, or was there more to it?


Hands-on urbanism: from the right to green space

The development of urban space is the focus of an exhibition that will open on March 15 at Vienna's Architekturzentrum. "Hands-On Urbanism" concentrates on urban changes created by the inhabitants. "Self building, settlements and vegetable gardens" are only some of the forms. Specimen examples from cities such as Chicago, Vienna and Hong Kong serves to render the topic very tangible.


Zhang Ke: from Frankfurt out into the big wide world

His designs are striking and eye-catching, but thanks to the use of regional materials always remain closely bound up with his own home. Chinese architect Zhang Ke will be lecturing on March 21 at Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt/Main as founder of the Beijing-based architecture office Standardarchitecture. In his lecture "From New York to Beijing and Beyond" he will talk about the importance of Asian architecture.