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Apr 3, 2012

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Remote Control: The rise of a mass medium

Once simply referred to as the "box", the TV has since the 1930s emerged as a prestige object, not to say the leading medium. An exhibition in London's Institute of Contemporary Arts starting on April 3 will present the cultural history of this mass medium which is currently about to break out of the analog and into the digital age.


Munich: Form Follows Fashion

The "Form Follows Fashion" art projects opens on April 4 in Munich's Maximilans Forum. At the center of the two-week cultural program will be an expansive installation in the form of a forest, serving as an urban haven in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Maximilianstrasse. A diverse accompanying program of live fashion shows, concerts, performance and underground parties outline how the creative disciplines of art, music and design interface.


Berlin: Building the Revolution

As of April 5, an exhibition at Berlin's Martin Gropius Bau will focus on a largely ignored chapter in European architecture history. The architecture of the Soviet avant-garde is initially presented from an historical perspective. Images, drawings, historical photographs and artistic models present working men's clubs, trade union buildings, apartment blocks, power stations and industrial plant, all of them expressions of the social and political image of the Soviet regime of the time. At the same time, the exhibition focuses firmly on the present, on a "post-Soviet society that is not aware of its extraordinary heritage."


Kraftwerk: A (Concert) Retrospective

In the 1970s, Düsseldorf's Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider founded what became a musical institution: Kraftwerk. By means of experimental sounds, minimalist arrangements and robot-like rhythms they created the "soundtrack of our digital future" and did radical pioneering work in the field of electronic music. In the course of a major musical retrospective, on eight consecutive days New York's MoMA will be the venue for eight live concerts by Kraftwerk. In addition, in a special exhibition as of April 12 the museum will be presenting a retrospective of the extraordinary band's oeuvre.


Pictoplasma: Festival of Figures

From April 11 to 15, the Pictoplasma Conference returns to its home town of Berlin. The four-day event is widely considered the world's largest festival in the field of "Contemporary Character Design and Art". Installations, workshops, conferences and even VJ battles will offer artists, designers, agencies and the art public a colorful and diverse cultural leisure-time program.