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May 29, 2012

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Hauser & Wirth: Art under the sign of upheaval

In cooperation with Los Angeles-based “The Box” gallery, Hauser & Wirth in London is now hosting the exhibition “The Historical Box” thru July 28. The show centers on positions by US artists who with their works take a stance on the social and political unrest in the United State in the 1960s and 1970s. The exhibits serve not only as an historical reflection on the events but are also intended to highlight the relevance of the themes today.


NRW-Forum Düsseldorf: The return of Polaroid

The legendary “Polaroid Collection” is now on show in Düsseldorf. The NRW-Forum is displaying some 500 exhibits of the now bankrupt company and thus tracing the history of Polaroid photography. Examples of the images range from works by Ansel Adams, who is considered a pioneer of snapshot photography, through to Andy Warhol’s famous self-portrait “Andy Sneezing”. A temporary Pop-Up store featuring Impossible films and Polaroid cameras rounds out the large show on analogous photography.


HFF Munich: Women in Films

In cooperation with Pinakothek der Moderne Munich’s University of Television and Film has devised a filmic accompanying program to the exhibition on “Women. Pablo Picasso, Max Beckmann, Willem de Kooning”. On May 31 and July 12, films produced by the students under the working titles of “LEBENS.ZEIT” and “SINNES.WANDEL” will be screened. The documentaries and movies invariably portray the fairer sex and women’s role in society today.


Stiftung Bauhaus: The two worlds in which Marcel Breuer worked

At the tender age of just 23 Marcel Breuer developed his first piece of tubular steel furniture and, thanks to this revolutionary design, emerged as one of the most prominent representatives of Bauhaus. In cooperation with Vitra Design Museum as of June 1, Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau is dedicating a retrospective to the oeuvre of the furniture designer and architect: the show will cover both aspects of his work, treating them as equals.


Kunsthalle Bielefeld: Sou Fujimoto – Futurospective Architecture

Why be satisfied with the simple when you can create the spectacular? Sou Fujimoto is renowned for his radical architectural ideas and eye-catching building projects. As of June 3, Kunsthalle Bielefeld will be the backdrop for the first solo show the Japanese architect has held on European soil. Models and illustrations will be exhibited in six themed rooms. Pride of place in the show goes to a life-size replica of Fujimoto’s “Final Wooden House”, which takes its cue from the original in Kumamoto, Japan.