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Jun 12, 2012

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AIT Architektur Salon: High-rises in Parametricism

Thru 25 July, The AIT Architektur Salon in Hamburg will be hosting the “Parametric Tower Research” exhibition, which is dedicated to the work of Zaha Hadid, whose high-rises such as Tour CMA CGM take center stage at the show. Selected models and plans demonstrate how architectural concepts can be translated to all levels of design.


Hamburger Kunsthalle: (Thought to be) lost places

Places are in a constant state of flux, and not only during times of social crisis. The exhibition “Lost Places. Sites of Photography” in the Hamburger Kunsthalle documents the emptiness and isolation of some living spaces. Twenty positions by different artists use photography and video installations to show places that were thought to be lost, ranging from childhood memories to crime scenes. Runs until September 23.


Basel: Art and design

In Basel preparations for the “annual family reunion” of the international art and design world have begun: Art and design cognoscenti from across the globe are expected to attend. Design Miami Basel will kick off events and as of June 12 provide a global marketplace for lovers of design classics and editions. From June 14 to 17, Art Basel will also open its doors, offering around 300 gallerists and 2,500 artists platform to present their work as the most important art trade fair worldwide.


Architekturmuseum: Architecture as a socio-political factor

The influence architecture and urban planning projects can have on our society has now been made the subject of the exhibition “L’Architecture Engagée – Manifeste zur Veränderung der Gesellschaft” (L’Architecture Engagée – manifestos on a changing society) at Munich’s Architekturmuseum. From June 14 onwards, the exhibition will document the potential of selected architectural concepts and projects to trigger social and economic change, as well as highlighting their limits and presenting on-going issues.


3sat: The designer Konstantin Grcic

Be it “Chair One”, “Mayday”, or “Osorom” – some of Konstantin Grcic’s creations have already made it into the league of design classics. On June 18 at 11.30 p.m., “Made in Munich: Der Designer Konstantin Grcic”, a TV production on 3sat, will paint a portrait of the Munich-born industrial designer and reveal the sources of his inspiration. In addition, the documentary will portray the entire creative process behind his work, from the first sketches to the final presentation at the Milan Furniture Fair.