Not just for your yacht

„Dean“ von Jean-Marie Massaud für Dedon

Apr 5, 2016
Photo © Dedon

Wirkt klar und zeitlos und steckt voll innovativer Technik.

Jean-Marie Massaud chiseled away at the armchair and lounger that form his “Dean” Slingchair collection for Dedon a good two years. Massaud is said to have been inspired in his designs for the two highly precise and straightforwardly elegant chairs by the streamlined fast racing yachts of the “America’s Cup” – as can be inferred above all from the flowing form of the seats and the wooden applications for the armrests. And you can well imagine “Dean” not just on a yacht (assuming it is not racing at the time), but equally well in a private residence or on the patio.

Thanks to the innovative product development effort, there are no screws or connectors in sight, making the chair appear very calm and regular, indeed almost timeless. Another important innovation: the sling that wraps round the frame like a sock and in this way gives it tension. “Dean” will be exclusively launched in Milan and series production of the collection is scheduled for 2017. (tw)