Not the same old, same old!
by Robert Volhard | Nov 19, 2012

Alone the fact that they were able to bring in internationally acclaimed designer Stefan Diez to create a presentation concept for domotex makes it a winner. So what can we expect? This is what Stefan Diez has come up with: In the same way that New York’s Central Park forms a sort of island amid a sea of skyscrapers, a kind of marked-off “city center” is intended as a creative centerpiece at the heart of the trade fair hall. Here, parallel to the more product-focused presentations on the regular stands, so-called “concept rooms” will provide selected exhibitors with the opportunity to collaborate with a young creative talent and in doing so open up a surprisingly different perspective on their work.

Yet Stefan Diez is doing much more than merely creating an exhibition setting in which all of this is possible. He is also showing a great deal of tact in his selection of young creative professionals and their subsequent allocation to one of the various companies; the intention being to bring about new, unexpected insights on well-seasoned products. So we have every reason to be curious as to which sparks these “temporary marriages” might trigger. We can even give away a few of the names and pairings now. The party will include Tomás Alonso, Mirko Borsche and Mark Braun, among others. Normal Studio from Paris will be coupled with Vorwerk, Atelier Steffen Kehrle with Dura, Studio Sarah Illenberger with Tisca Tiara, and Martin Fengel and Martine Wöhrl with Kaindl. Whatever these unique combinations bring forth, one thing is for sure: It won’t be the same old, same old.

All sketches and models of the “Domotex Flooring Deluxe” concept © Stefan Diez Office
All sketches and models of the “Domotex Flooring Deluxe” concept © Stefan Diez Office