Notes on Milan 2014
Apr 16, 2014

We’re in the Lambrate Luna Park and what we see are picture stories à la Max Ernst and beautiful little glasses. Simply “Established”, without any sons, is what the marvelous barkeeper Charles Schumann has called a collection of champagne flutes and a cooler, brought out under the small but refined label “Dante. Good and Bads”. “With attention on the myth and legend of the Gentleman,” as the wording has it.

Photo © Adeline Seidel, Stylepark
Residential realism

So where would you place the ten-square-meter sofa isle – in an apartment that is perhaps not even four times that? Good to know from the interview with Erwan Bouroullec that he doesn’t have the space for it in his Parisian apartment either. But, hey, it’s Paris!

Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
Snail shell

Actually, this accommodation is meant for emergencies and disasters. And the homeless would no doubt love it, too. The fact that our normal development means we start off young and then age, meaning we’re nomads when we’re young and don’t bag a three-room apartment in a gentrified in-district till later, forever and ever amen, means that Duygu Azun’s “Emergency Life Shelter” could soon crop up in urban parks worldwide – in red, yellow and green.Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark

Men the world over have probably been eagerly awaiting this: “Baretto”, the item that should be on every patio in time for the World Cup, combining a love of sports, a sense of order, and a feel for beauty. Or, as the saying goes, the only thing square about a goal is…?

Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
Flare Stack

How large is your pad? How high are the ceilings? Forget anything smaller than a knight’s great hall – or you’ll have to place this giant five-torched “Flare Stack” luminaire by Atelier van Asseldonk outside – but, hey, it looks like an early 19th-century power station anyhow. The gas flames shoot up over half a meter into the sky! Maybe not so good for BBQs after all.

Photo © Barbara Wildung, Stylepark

Be it in Zona Tortona, on the trade-fair grounds or in Ventura Lambrate: We were always ahead of our reputation as the punctual Germans, and watched the tradesmen build the stands, haggled with the security bosses (a profession that evidently only has bosses) to gain early entry, or stood in the Ventura Lambrate before people who hardly seemed able to keep their eyes open and who said the party last night had been great.

Photo © Barbara Wildung, Stylepark
Market analysis

There are Medieval markets, folklore markets, arts-&-crafts markets – and there are hipster markets such as the Ventura Lambrate. Do they really wanna see homemade pottery? Who knows.

Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
Bar Basso I

Endurance and strategic, analytical thinking always win the day. Anyone wishing to avoid waiting for hours for a drink at Bar Basso should adopt the following tactic next year: Stride energetically and with resolve through the crowd to the left end of the bar, stand as good as behind the counter and whisper to the barkeeper: I need a drink. Now!

Photo © Sandy Karstädt
Bar Basso II

The Negroni in Bar Basso was served in a huge, single flute on the first evening. Applause from everyone present, embarrassed loss of countenance among those suddenly holding a glass. German equals stable? New bar trend? Ad giveaway? Many questions. Few answers. In the end the flute was empty, but I certainly noticed the impact.

Photo © Sandy Karstädt

The most beautiful (not the best) cocktails were to be imbibed this year in Palazzo Clerici. What exactly they contained is anyone’s guess, but the bar and the place were paradise.

Photo © Adeline Seidel, Stylepark
Designer music

Actually, Tom Dixon wanted to take the stage along with Fab founder Bradford Shellhammer for the Handmade Party hosted by Wallpaper – with Dixon on bass. Pity, we’d have loved to hear it and insist the concert be held next year.

Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
Heavy Duty

Even if the staffer from the F.A.Z. arrived with an XXL bag, no, this year we resisted the brochures. Only went for the digital. Well, the good resolution held for half a day. By way of thanks, a slightly inflamed wrist tendon.

Photo © Barbara Wildung, Stylepark
Pimp up

Incidentally, we recommend the fashionable combination of Knoll and Kartell press kits: The one a stick and red nail varnish in a little red bag, the other a thick golden bling-bling bracelet. Aesthetically spread-eagling street style and Tiffany.

Photo © Benedikt Seemann, Stylepark
Simply divine

The nicest bag was to be had from Kvadrat – in Divina fabric of course. In four colors. Second place went, no jury discussion needed, to Marimekko.

Photo © Benedikt Seemann, Stylepark
Smart Danes

At trade fairs one is of course only allowed to look and touch, but not buy. The pent-up thirst for shopping for design products was then slaked in a completely uninhibited way in the Hay designer supermarket.

Photo © Robert Volhard, Stylepark

“Punk is Dad” was written in large glowing letters on Diesel’s booth. Where they’re right, they’re right. But what will Dad say? (as, mm, tw)

Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark