One-point perspective

Giulio Cappellini denkt über
Farbe und Form nach.

Jan 15, 2016

One-point perspective was invented in Italy and to this day Italians remain the masters of perspective. So why not play with the idea? Evidently Guilio Cappellini thought so, too, going by his installation for Cappellini, giving visitors an acute focus at the imm cologne. There, he balances color and non-color, shape and shadow in the vanishing point of his “Opposite Shadows” – the title of his contribution to the “Featured Editions”.

Do you like the famous Borromini arcade in Palazzo Spada?

Giulio Cappellini: Yes, it remains perfect and contemporary in its classic simplicity, playing so skilfully with perspective

What does toying with colors mean for you?

Color is life. Playing with colors means expressing your own personality and revealing your own mood.

What shape do you like best?

I prefer simple, geometric shapes. Squares and triangles are simply perfect.