One sofa, two beds

„Twins“ von Giulio Manzoni für Flexform

Mar 29, 2016
Photos © Flexform

Elegant und praktisch, aber nichts für frisch Verliebte.

Condemned to mobility and flexibility, modern people today are very familiar with such things – all those sofa beds and pull-down beds in which the seats and backrests can be pulled out or folded down, cushions turned over and slatted frames pulled out in order to create a passable place to lay one’s head for the night. They are to be found – and slept on – at friends’ places, in weekend cottages and, of course, in those just-about-affordable residences in the big cities or those pied-à-terres where people stay when working away from home. Irrespective of what mechanisms they rely on or how these cross-breeds are designed, such spur-of-the-moment beds boast a more or less continuous space to lie down on – albeit only for one person it bears noting.

Not so with “Twins”, the new sofa bed designed by Giulio Manzoni for Flexform. For in this case, a sofa can be transformed not into a double bed but into two single beds. Admittedly, this will not be a selling point for young lovers but for many other people it will be. The second bed, which boasts a patented snap-in-place mechanism and that disappears entirely under the sofa when not required, is independent and not in any way attached to its twin. In other words, it can be placed at will anywhere in the room. (tw)