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„Trioli“ von Eero Aarnio für Magis

Sep 4, 2015

Der finnische Star-Designer entwarf 2005 einen pfiffigen Kinderstuhl, der auch als Schaukelwippe eine gute Figur macht.

This children’s chair from the “me too” collection by Italy’s Magis company guarantees you really take center stage. The small knights or jockeys preside comfortably at table thanks to a high backrest and two seat heights – or ride hard. As a piece on its own, the polyethylene armchair with its clear and friendly colors (it’s available in red, blue, yellow or white) will certainly grab attention in any interior. Finnish designer Eero Aarnio, who back in 1963 created the famous “Ball Chair” and then, in 1968, the “Bubble Chair”, is simply a past master at using plastic in a contemporary and functional way. And “Trioli” certainly proves the point. Much to the joy of kids aged between 2 and 9, the “Trioli” armchair (it weighs in at about eight kilos) can swiftly be turned on its side to form a seesaw – or a horse’s back. (uma)

58x49.6x45 centimeters
Seat height: 27 or 37 centimeters