Outdoor kitchens like this one by Swedish company Roeshults have different modules for a customizing.

Outdoor cooking now!

Anyone who wants to BBQ big-time should go for a customized outdoor kitchen. We present the latest models.

Hardly does the thermometer head North than out come the BBQs and the culinary “Open Air” season launches. Anyone who finds barbequing even on one of the high-end grills offers too little culinary refinement is well-advised to choose an outdoor kitchen, where the art of high cuisine can be practiced outside – assuming you have the space. In the outdoor kitchens you cannot only barbeque, but prepare your fillets, your boiled veggies, your fries and your cool dishes, and even wash up afterwards. Because the models basically offer the same comforts as their indoor counterparts and can be purchased by the module to facilitate customization. We present the most exciting newcomers in our image gallery. (mm)