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With "Revisiting Factory", the Croatian furniture manufacturer Prostoria marks the return to the factory after the pandemic and uses an impressive installation to show the creative potential of the young family business.

This September, Prostoria celebrates its tenth anniversary: in this comparatively short period of time, the Croatian family business has made the leap from craft business to industrial production. The Prostoria team has also used the enforced pandemic break creatively to realise two hybrid events, "Revisiting Analogue" and "Revisiting Factory". In addition to presenting their products, such as the "Polygon" armchair, the sofa "Revolve" and "Absent", Prostoria showed insights into the fantastic nature that the Sveti Križ Začretje location in Croatia offers, as well as into their factory halls. The setting was developed together with the designers Numen / For Use and Simon Morasi Piperčić.

With success: "Revisiting Analogue" has already won two prizes at the German Brand Awards 2021 in the category Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation. Prostorio also received another award in the category Excellent Brands – Interior & Living. For the current film "Revisiting Factory", an impressive exhibition architecture was designed using the stacking of wooden packages, which Prostoria stores in the drying chamber until they can be made into high-quality furniture in its own factory. The monumental structure on 3200 square metres thus creates protected spaces that mark the transition back to regular production, forming communication areas as well as retreat niches. It is a symbol of coming back, of coming together again after a standstill, of the creation of new ideas in a crisis and of the manufacturer's great commitment. "Prostoria is a family business based on the passion to create high-quality furniture that enriches living space," says Tomislav Knezović, the owner of Prostoria. (am)

Revisiting Factory – Prostoria