Ready for the real life
Sep 13, 2009

A real fake - this is the topic addressed in the current issue of Stylepark Magazine for Product Culture. So we dispatched our authors to explore this terrain fraught with tension between reality and illusion, genuine and forgery. And they did not let themselves be led astray, but rather separated the wheat from the chaff, and approached the subject from totally different angles.

Read the article by Silke Becker, who ascribes a productive uncertainty to fakes that ensures they highlight the prevailing mechanisms and structures. While the article by Marcel Krenz addresses the "trompe l'oeil" effect in furniture design Nora Sobich took a closer look for us at the functional textile Tyvek®, a newcomer in the fashion and design scene. This time around Markus Frenzl has written about the charm of the imperfect and personal in the imagery found in lifestyle magazines and manufacturers' catalogs: Does this indicate a rejection of orchestrated, illusory worlds or is it ultimately simply a new design strategy?

Antonia Henschel's series of images tells the story of this year's design for the Serpentine Gallery's pavilion in London. It is on the one hand barely perceptible yet on the other extremely present. She also brought us images of the Guggenheim Museum in New York prior to its new coat of paint. With her sense for the essential Antonia Henschel lends the buildings in the images a highly personal reality once more.

In addition, you will naturally also find interesting products and materials, portraits and small, charming items from the world of design in the Stylepark Magazine.

As always the magazine was designed by Antonia Henschel from Sign Kommunikation. The autumn issue also carries her unmistakable handwriting.

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