Rendezvous with (Santa) Claus
Dec 15, 2011

Christmas humbug or decoration maniac – opinions differ about the festive season. Some people hardly decorate their home at all, or just put up a few Christmas symbols here and there. Others unpack the labeled boxes that are stored in the attic, build Christmas pyramids and arches of candles, put up lights and order a Christmas tree from a retailer they trust; no withered old fir tree is going to spoil their Christmas Eve.

Claus Richter, for example, is an absolute fan of Christmas. Claus has been working for Stylepark as an artist and author for a few years now, and so over the course of time we have been able to enjoy his enthusiasm for Christmas, and indeed any occasion requiring decorations. Come December 1 he rearranges his living room and gets it in the Christmas mood. Disney figures and toys from the 1980s are this year's main features. To liven the Christmas preparations up a bit we visited Claus and attempted to capture the Christmas spirit. nj

All photos: Jörg Zimmermann, Stylepark
All photos: Jörg Zimmermann, Stylepark
Differents musical clocks
Mickey Mouse says „Merry X-Mas“
Snoopy in feastful clothing
Mickey everywhere
Drawing by Oliver Husain
Goofy sings a solo in „Mickeys Clock Shop“.