Residential dreams in Berlin
Feb 11, 2016

Living somewhere that has no frills, is light, and purist is a dream many people have. Berlin developers have now fulfilled it, turning their concept of a clear, reduced interior design into reality in a new home in the south of Berlin. Spacious areas, high-end materials and technically sophisticated solutions such as the concealed door hinge systems by Simonswerk create a refreshingly large amount of free space on both levels of the residential building.

The purist cube was designed by the Berlin architect Jürgen Fissler from Fissler Ernst Architekten. Lots of natural daylight and white surfaces throughout ensure brightness and clarity in the rooms, where all that makes for a color contrast is the warm brown of the refined parquet flooring. So as to make more free space in the halls and living rooms, the architect had all closets “disappear into the wall” where, as custom-fit fixtures, they are flush with the wall.

The customized doors were also designed such that they did not hamper the view of the spatial axes and the rooms: The floor-to-ceiling, unrebated double-wing doors featuring the “Tectus Te 540 3D” hinge system by Simonswerk, for example, can be opened through an angle of 180 degrees, so that if necessary they can be parallel with the wall. Completely concealed, the robust hinge systems make for a particularly slender joint between door and frame – despite being able to accommodate loads of up to 120 kilograms. What’s more, thanks to 3D adjustment technology, the door hinges can be continuously calibrated, while the maintenance-free slide bearing technology ensures the longevity of the “invisible aids”. The ingenious technology blends in seamlessly with the flush spatial structure, which the architect realized in line with the developers’ wishes. (sb)

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An idyll built into a slope: With its purist formal idiom and bright white façade, the no-frills residential building by Fissler Ernst Architekten stands out from the surrounding area, which is predominantly defined by clinker buildings.
Photo © Matthias Jankowiak

On the inside the developers did without overloaded design in favor of a clear, reduced formal idiom. High-end materials such as the warm parquet flooring make for elegant rooms. Photo © Matthias Jankowiak

An exact fit: The developers had a carpenter make all the doors in the building individually in his workshop. In addition, smaller functional doors were set flush into the walls – resulting in predominantly flat surfaces in a uniform bright white.
Photo © Matthias Jankowiak

Thanks to the robust “Tectus Te 540 3D” door hinge systems by Simonswerk, the floor-to-ceiling double-wing doors with no lintel can accommodate loads of up to 120 kilograms. Photo © Matthias Jankowiak

A clear view: The door hinge systems enable the double wing door to the living room to be opened through an angle of 180 degrees, such that if need be it is parallel to the wall. Photo © Matthias Jankowiak

A technically sophisticated solution in discreet stainless steel: The “Tectus” door hinge system is completely concealed and makes for a particularly slender joint. The 3D adjustment technology by Simonswerk makes assembly and calibration easy and straightforward. Photo on left © Matthias Jankowiak. Photo on right © Simonswerk