Sander Wassink currently has no fixed address – during the interview via Skype he happened to be in Barcelona. This year, or so Wassink reveals, he intends to travel on to Portugal, Morocco and the Czech Republic in order to meet up locally with manufacturers and artisans. In Morocco, he will be joining up with textile workers to have sweatshirts made by renowned sportswear companies embroidered artistically in the manner otherwise reserved for traditional Moroccan djellaba kaftans. Two years ago he took a similarly subversive approach: In 2013, during an artist-in-residence program in China, he combined individual parts of “fake” brand-name sneakers to create a new one. Wassink believes these projects best highlight the way traditional clothing is being squeezed out of the market, and with it the skilled artisans. His design products likewise emphasize an approach critical of consumerism: For example, his “Stacked” luminaires are made of discarded glass elements.