Schönbuch 2021: SUMI


"SUMI" by Schönbuch consists of various wardrobes and wardrobe elements that can be individually combined and supplemented with accessories. Characteristic of the collection are its hooks, reminiscent of the branches of a tree. They can be fixed in different positions. This creates an abstract and graphic pattern. "SUMI" is made of metal and finished with a black powder coating with a fine texture. The respective models are either braced between the ceiling and floor or can be used as a wall coat rack in two sizes. In addition, there is a round coat rack and coat rack elements in two widths, which are mounted parallel to the wall or at a 90 degree angle and thus function as room dividers. The accessories – mirrors and shelves – can be attached directly to the coat hooks and underline the playful approach of "SUMI". Both are available in a smaller, round shape as well as a larger, oval variant. (ar)