Security and Service 2.0
May 23, 2016

The elegant residential tower in Zug is advertised as the highest in the eponymous Swiss canton. Tenants are attracted by the luxurious details, the exclusive use of the park, and the tax breaks that can offset the higher price of purchasing an apartment here. After all, the “Park-Tower” not only offers those inside a fantastic view out over the lake and the mountains, but also an exemplary energy balance. This is fueled not least by the “PORT Technology” Schindler has installed, ensuring efficient control of the elevators.

In addition to helping the tower comply with the Swiss “Minergie” standard, the “PORT Technology” first and foremost meets the high standards tenants have as regard ease of use and security. Because the apartments and offices can be safely and easily accessed using the “myPORT” Smartphone App. Using the App, Park-Tower inhabitants can open the barrier to the carpark, or the door at the main entrance, or the letter box, accesses the elevator, knows which floor they want to go to, and the opens the apartment’s front door, too. This is state-of-the-art Service 2.0 – comfort not only when you are weighed down by lots of shopping, and something to which you can easily get accustomed!

In the “Park-Tower”, spread across 25 storeys there are some 100 residential and office units, which calls for complex digital controls given the large number of users. In the “Park-Tower” Schindler therefore provided traffic management that guarantees not only efficient vertical access but also corresponding access rights on each floor. The “PORT Technology” controls access to the building, manages elevator operations, and thus regulates traffic flow within the building. “We soon found ourselves working with 400 access zones where we had to define who was allowed in and who was not,” comments Florian Trösch, the project manager for
“The PORT Technology”.

What was once regulated by an electronic card is now managed by the “myPORT” App: The doors can be opened and closed via Bluetooth, which is installed throughout the building. When inhabitants approach the building and once the system identifies them, access rights are sent to their Smartphones are activated by unlocking the phone. In this way they can then access the agreed areas of the Park-Tower”. And the system also covers visitors: Inhabitants can send their visitors a “Crazy Colour Code” that enables the newcomers to identify themselves. The CC code is a color-advanced version of the QR Code, but functions far more swiftly and safely. Just as is the entire “PORT Technology” by Schindler. (rw)

With its 25 storeys, the “Park-Tower” is the highest building in the city and in the Canton of Zug. Photo © Schindler

The apartments in the “Park-Tower” woo tenants with a panorama view of the Lake Zug and the Alps, as well as very luxurious fittings. Photo © Schindler

Alongside luxury, the tower’s prime energy balance is another positive attracting tenants: The building meets the Swiss Minergie standard. Photo © Schindler

The Schindler elevators are controlled by “PORT Technology” for greater safety to avoid empty runs and save energy. Photo © Schindler

Elevators are called and doors opened using a Bluetooth receiver and via the inhabitants’ Smartphones. Photo © Schindler

Instead of keys and access cards, the “myPORT” App opens doors and dials the elevator. Photo © Schindler

Using a tablet PC and the “myPORT” App, inhabitants can comfortably guide visitors through the building. Photo © Schindler

Opens doors, manages the elevators and also display the latest weather data: the “PORT terminal” in each apartment. Photo © Schindler

The App announces a visitor has arrived, and shows by Livestream who is standing in front of the door. Photo © Schindler