Seen in the Light – Edition Translucence
von Claudia Beckmann | Dec 19, 2008

On closer inspection more things in this world than you would initially imagine prove to be translucent - the human skin, plant leaves, paper and even wax. Many creative disciplines have long since been taking advantage of the qualities of transparent materials and make gainful use of the possibilities of specific light modulation, especially in an architectural context.
The picture gallery on the topic of "Translucence" presents a selection of diverse materials, some of which may turn out to be very surprising.

to the Stylepark Material Edition - Tranzluzenz

Kapipane by Okalux
Crytaltex by Swarovski
PPKLR70 by Landolt
Makrolon UV clear by Bayer
Mikrofol Lisa grün by Bayer
Plexiglas Radiant by Evonik
Makrolon 5X by Bayer
Makrofol BL by Bayer
Crytstal Fabric by Swarovski
200 Atex 2000 DTC by P-D Interglas
Eurolamex by Glas Trösch
Resistan 7013 by Schott
IGCG22 by Isosport
Honey Iridescent by Lumicor
Galaxy Night by Nya Nordika
Glasfaserbeton by Litracon
EVO 60 by Evolon
4DV6.0PA by Isosport
Makrolon UV by Bayer
Prestige 70 by 3M
Bronze Mesh by Lumicor
Clear-PEP UV satin opal by Design Composite
Heatwave Multi by Lumicor
Schillerweiß by Papier Union
200 Atex Screen 300 by P-D Interglas
86009 Trevira CS by Zweigart
Delta by Sefar
Silver Moire by Lumicor
AIR-board by Design Composite