Showered by golden time pieces
Citizen’s “Light is Time” installation
Apr 22, 2014
Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
A sea of shimmering, twinkling and sparkling – together with the Citizen design team, architect Tsuyoshi Tane cast glittering magic into one of the large halls at the triennial, showing the brand in its very best light at the Salone in Milan. As visitors stepped inside the cloud of light and time they found themselves immersed in as many as 80,000 basic watch pieces, losing track of time. The installation was rounded out by a presentation of the first ever Citizen-produced watch (which dates back to the 1920s), teeny-weeny watch components, as well as the latest models.
We cannot tell for sure if indeed there was “time”, and if time had already started to run, when light came over the world, and yet it seems that genesis, light and time have always formed an inseparable entity. And whether you felt you were being showered with time pieces, star-money or tiny spaceships – the trio of space and time and light was sure to make a mighty impression on anyone. (tw)
Photos © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark