A PearsonLloyd chair for Howe
Apr 3, 2013
All photos © HOWE

The six “e”s begin with “e” for “elegant”; after all, the chairs do feature a mono-shell seat in a very inviting shape. The second “e” stands for “efficient” because they are made to last; the third for “ergonomic” because the six pack of seats is just as comfortable with or without armrests. The fourth “e” tells us that they are “easy to handle” thanks to the lip at the edge of the seats, making them easy to hold and stack. They earn their fifth “e” thanks to their “environmental qualities”, and “e” number six stands for “economic” since they offer such good value for money. All of these qualities come together to form the “SixE”.

Not a bad marketing gimmick they’ve come up with there at Howe for the chairs created by Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson during a design process that lasted two years. PearsonLloyd tell how when working on the piece they drew their inspiration from David Rowland’s “40/4” stacking chair released in 1964, a classic among stacking seats. And there are similar plans for the development of SixE over the coming years, as it looks set to form the basis for a veritable product family.

“With SixE,” said PearsonLloyd, “we wanted to create a refined mono-shell chair to fill the gap we saw in the market. At the same time we also wanted to create a mono-shell counterpart to the classic ‘40/4’ chair, which we consider the perfect product thanks to its durability and fantastic ergonomics. Our idea was to design a confident and yet humble chair with a simple design aesthetic that makes it fit for use in a great variety of settings. The custom structure of the backrest gives the chair a unique feel, while soft, rounded corners and superb ergonomics make the chair incredibly comfortable.”

Even though Howe will be presenting “SixE” in Milan, it won’t be new to everyone in attendance, for it in fact debuted at the Orgatec in Cologne last October. But Milan is still Milan and who is going to miss an opportunity to see six “e”s in the form of a chair that makes a truly fresh, friendly and formidable impression. All of them adjectives at one remove from the “e’s”. Well, we thought you might have already read enough about adjectives beginning with “e” by now. (tw)