Solid jewels
von Nancy Jehmlich | Mar 19, 2008

Now that the market for big boys and girls is saturated, it is evidently the little ones' turn. Jacobsen's Ameise chair and Panton's chair have long been available for children too, and now Living Jewels is continuing the trend with its Serie_01 furniture. The armchairs, two-seaters and daybeds in Serie_01 are specially adapted to children's needs. The measurements and proportions are suited for children between three and ten years of age. The low center of gravity, large ground contact area and relatively high weight (the chair weighs approx. 31 kg) mean that the furniture is not easy to upturn. The corners and ends of the frames are rounded and seamlessly sealed and the stainless steel, polished to a high shine, is non-allergenic. There is a choice between two hardwearing materials for the inner covering, namely, cow nappa leather and a fabric covering made of super microfiber. The leather cover has a natural grain and is tanned traditionally using minerals and then dyed with natural colors. The material coverings are smooth and robust.There are also two coverings available for furniture to be used outside: a high-grade imitation leather and a waterproof fabric covering which is coated on the inside.
Thus the furniture offers optimum conditions for wild romping. In addition, there is a choice between 20 different colors, from sapphire to ruby, for that perfect optical coordination. The frame can also be painted, gold plated or delivered with a personal engraving, upon request.