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von | Sep 16, 2014

“Scenes” and “Solids” are the names of the latest collections by Dutch ceramics maker Mosa, whose products give floors and walls a timeless, elegant and dynamic design.
As long ago as Ancient Rome, people knew of the benefits of ceramics. It’s especially heat-resistant and easy to clean, and the Romans preferred it not only for hygienic reasons, but also as a means of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their famous baths. The notion of “beautiful and sturdy” is valid to this day.

Mosa is a long-standing company headquartered in Maastricht and likewise strongly committed to emphasizing elegance. Its new “Solids” collection is a robust but meanwhile elegant collection and boasts surprising natural colors, such as sandy beige, jade grey, and earthy brown, ensuring that floors and walls are especially dynamic thanks to the different textures and movements within one tile, since no tile in this collection is the same. . The texture is created by a layer of spray-dried granulate, and the mixture of fine and large flakes on the surface create a colorful sense of depth. The tiles are available in various sizes, including 60x60 centimeters. They are very solid and therefore ideal for high traffic, but also for contemporary homes. The micro-relief is an optional extra.

The tiles in the “Scenes” collection with its 15x15cm size are equally elegant – they are suited for a large variety of spaces from bathrooms to retail areas. Moreover, they create great scope for the interior designers, as Mosa Tiles offers four different textures: grain, sand, grit and clay. Each texture gives rise to an individually patterned surface, meaning that no two tiles are identical. The tiles are stylish and adaptable to various requirements. The surface shows richness and depth due to play with textures in one color group. Clients can also choose between the various textures and colourgroups, such as soft, sandy, or coarse-grained, combining as many as eight different colorgroups. With its different textures and tones, it is easy to build up a scene through the tiles itself - an ideal range for architects and interior designers to realize their ideas with. The tiles are available in 15x15 centimeters. The size visually creates instant connections with adjacent tiles, creating a new, larger surface where the joints almost are disappearing. The creation of these ceramic skins is an absolute plus for the Scenes collection as well as the Solids collection.

Scenes: The “Scenes” collection is available in size 15 x 15 centimeters. Photo © Mosa Tiles
Solids: The natural transition of colors and textures create the illusion that the individual tile is larger. Photo © Mosa Tiles
Solids: Great variety: No one tile is identical to another. Photo © Mosa Tiles
Scenes: The “Scenes” collection is also available in an anti-slip version with a micro-relief. Photo © Mosa Tiles
Solids: Each tile has been assigned its own texture. Photo © Mosa Tiles
Solids:The “Solids” collection is also suitable for stair solutions. Photo © Mosa Tiles
Scenes: The play of textures creates subtile nuances. Photo © Mosa Tiles
Solids: Arranged over areas, the series of tiles translate into one porcelain skin. Photo © Mosa Tiles
Solids: A solid implies a material that is strong, retaining its original shape. Photo © Mosa Tiles
Solids: Mosa Tiles are exceptionally wear and impact-resistant. Photo © Mosa Tiles
Solids: The tiles are especially sturdy and therefore suitable for public areas such as airports, hospitals or schools. Photo © Mosa Tiles
Scenes: With the range of different colors, the tiles offer great scope for the design. Photo © Mosa Tiles
Scenes: The Scenes Collection has been designed as a unique, cost-effective and complete solution for architects and designers. Photo © Mosa Tiles
Solids: The tiles are ideal for wet areas. Photo © Mosa Tiles

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