Square, practical, perfect

„MAXintheBox“ von perludi

Sep 5, 2015
All photos © perludi

Ob als Kleinkindstuhl oder als Hocker für Erwachsene – dem Einsatz dieses ebenso grazilen wie soliden Sitzmöbels sind kaum Grenzen gesetzt.

What would Max Bill, who designed the famous “Ulm Stool”, have said about this? This small item is a real blockbuster. The modular table/seat combination “MAXintheBox” by “perludi” for infants aged 10 months and upwards is made of ecological birch plywood. The cube is consciously plain, left in the original color of the wood. The seat, however, has a color lacquer to set a simple but impressive accent. Moreover, it can be set comfortably at four different heights. Two stools can be slotted together to form a cube and save space, meaning other variable uses arise, e.g., as a table or a storage surface for toys.

The designers have evidently got it right if an item of furniture such as this then becomes a classic outside the children’s room. Perludi has taken great care to meet rigorous standards for child-safe design – with quality and a wish to bring a smile to children’s faces. And “MAXintheBox” certainly succeeds. (uma)

36x36x36 centimeters

Dark blue, red, white, rose, bright blue, yellow, green, untreated