Stefan Diez

400 Stylepark Newsletter – 4x4 Lieblingsartikel

Space travel, Grcic, an all-round chair, new materials, a portrait and a giant mushroom: Stefan Diez selected not one, but six favorites.

We have for years interacted professionally with Munich-based designer Stefan Diez. And this has long since morphed into a great friendship. Yet to this day we didn’t know that as a student he was interested in space travel and knew some of the drawings by Galina Balashova, who designed the interiors of the Soviet space capsules. Which is why, or so he comments, he so enjoyed reading the interview with her.

Stefan Diez was among those we asked to choose his four favorite items from the wealth of 400 Newsletters. But he insisted on going for six, explaining that “It was so much fun delving through the pile of articles and dipping into the different topics. I found it really hard to make a choice, and the items aren’t necessarily favorites, but more a matter of showing the broad spectrum of things I find fascinating.”

For example, he supported our proposition that there is an all-round chair of the year 2015 and thus the second part of our trilogy of interviews with Konstantin Grcic, with and for whom he once worked. Diez says he chose precisely these two texts because “I am interested in how things can be read looking back.” As a designer, he always finds new materials and forms of processing exciting, just as he likes finding out more about those people who supported the designer in realizing a project, such as Egon Bräuning, Head of R&D at Vitra, whom we portrayed back in 2009. (AS)

Only the watercolors burned to nothing
29 June 2015

How to live in orbit? Adeline Seidel talked with Galina Balashova, the interior designer of the Russian space capsules, about green floors, blue ceilings and creating a sense of homeliness in space.

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Four legs and a seat shell
13 June 2015 | by Thomas Wagner

Yes, folks, it really does exist: the universal chair of 2015. It was designed by various hands, comes in numerous versions and yet still follows a typology going back to a famous forebear. Ultimately, it is the subtle differences that count.

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The industry is not a dinosaur
11 May 2015

On irony, provocative designs, Chair One as a grill, finding treasure troves, the necessity of securing contracts and the fun of advancing existing designs. Konstantin Grcic in conversation with Thomas Wagner

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Hot spots: In the shadow of the giant mushroom
8 August 2014 | by Sara Bertsche

In the inner courtyard of the MoMA PS1 David Benjamin’s installation provides welcome shade in the summer heat, thanks to a weave made of thousands of microorganisms.

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The construction material of the future
17 April 2015 | by Ronny Eckert

Textile research institutes and corporations have in recent years researched fiber-based alternative construction materials and developed products ready for market destined to replace classic materials like steel.

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What counts is that it functions
8 October 2009 | by Thomas Edelmann

He is more than just a man in the wings who provides the technology and experience. Not until he has developed a functioning model can the design process begin. A portrait of Egon Bräuning, long-standing Head of Development at Vitra.

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