Stefan Diez for Authentics
Apr 11, 2007

The point of departure for Stefan Diez's new range of bags for Authentics was the search for a material with robust edges that would not fray when cut. Diez planned on making bags that did without conventional production details such as seams and fringes, and the nature of whose material created a look all of its own. For the first material experiments he chose conventional cotton fabric, which he partially screen-printed with liquid rubber. After the first attempts he decided to cover the material - ultimately the end product turned out to be polyester fabric - completely on one side, such that the edges could be joined using a high-frequency sewing machine - a process which is otherwise used in the production of plastic bags.

As such it is the material and the production technique - almost in the style of functionalist maxims - which lend the products in the "Kuvert" range of bags their special character and their own look: All the bags are punched from a single piece of material, then folded and heat-sealed. A flat envelope-like (Kuvert) form emerges, lending the series its name. As the edges do not have to be sewn, the cut of the bags is clearly visible; a thin line of rubber-coated material is visible along the heat-sealed seam. The sandwich material is thus one of the most characteristic features of the design - alongside the Velcro seal for the straps. The mesh bags also feature a pattern embossed in the material, which enables the bags to stretch like a net, thereby increasing their volume.

From the very outset the design of the range aimed for inexpensive industrial production. The design and the choice of material and associated production technique - high-frequency heat-sealing - helped lower the costs. Authentics has all material and products produced in China.

The "Kuvert" range comprises various bag types: travel bag, casual bag, mesh bag, each in various sizes, a backpack, a folding bag and a clip bag. The especially light bags are made of waterproof polyester mesh with a synthetic coating on one side and are available in orange-red, black-green, olive and cream white (travel bag not available in cream-white) at prices ranging from EUR 12.90 to EUR 179. They can be purchased retail. By the end of the year Diez plans to expand the series by another few models.