Stylepark Raffle
Here to stay

Sebastian Herkner’s “118” chair for Thonet has the makings of a classic. Stylepark raffles off a copy to its readers.

Without a doubt “118”, the wooden chair presented by Thonet at this year’s imm cologne, marks a milestone in the company’s history. With its wooden frame and wickerwork seat, the design by Sebastian Herkner references Thonet’s classic “214” bentwood or coffee-house chair, the original icon in the company’s portfolio. That said, a range of other chair designs dating from Bauhaus and New Building movements of the inter-War years also served as inspiration for the “118”. Sebastian Herkner has transposed all of these influences into a shape that is very much of the now and in this way has certainly created one of the most convincing new chair designs of recent years. The “118” is a successful synthesis between old and new, tradition and innovation. This remarkable feat ensures it looks great in almost every imaginable setting – yet another reason why Sebastian Herkner’s design is sure to prove a staple in the Thonet range for years to come.

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