Stylepark Raffle
Technology and poetry

Stylepark is raffling off one "Bouquet" table lamp by Magis.

"Bouquet" combines the function of wireless table lighting with the possibility of a flower arrangement: two elements can be combined to form the final shape, a cylindrical luminaire body and a vase, both made of injection-moulded ABS. A choice of six monochrome colours can be selected and combined for "Bouquet". Meanwhile, the complete electronics unit is housed in the base, in such a space-saving way that it still leaves enough room for the body of the vase. The effect of the portable luminaire is special in every respect: flexible, decorative lighting that not only combines two functions in one design, but also ideally highlights the aesthetics of floral table decorations. The light is activated and dimmed for different atmospheres by gently touching the touch switch.

Stylepark is raffling a "Bouquet" copy by BrogliatoTraverso for Magis (colour freely chooseable) among all new registrations to our newsletter!

This raffle is unfortunately already finished.