Stylepark Raffle
Nature inside out

Stylepark is raffling off one "Hevea" pot-holder by Pedrali.

Connecting the inside and outside is a classic theme in architecture. Pedrali takes this into account with "Hevea", a pot-holder that brings nature inside. This pot-holder consists of a central steel stem to which six polypropylene pots are hanged. Both mutually offset and spiral arrangements can be implemented, enabling multi-layered design options. Thus, "Hevea" can adapt to any space, allows a variety of composition options and integrates nature in the form of small houseplants into interiors.

The individual elements of "Hevea" can be easily connected and separated again. This makes them easy to clean and the various components can be disposed of correctly at the end of their product life. "Hevea" is available in white, green, terracotta and black.

Stylepark is giving away a "Hevea" from Pedrali to all subscribers to our newsletter!

This raffle is unfortunately already finished.