Summer, sun and outdoor furniture
Mar 28, 2011

The sun's shining, and summer's coming. Meaning the season spent mainly outside. You need a few things to ensure that the fun of fresh air can be enjoyed in due comfort, such as a recliner for the garden or chair for the street café. Reason enough to take a closer look at the world of plein air design, of outdoor furniture and all things airy.

Our author Anneke Bokern re-assesses the idea of the garden city in line with ecological criteria. Marcel Krenz finds out that some buildings would be somewhat impoverished and look rather barren without the added art, which is why art and architecture do go together after all. Nora Sobich writes a panegyric to polyethylene fiber, which is so superbly suited for long-lasting outdoor synth-wicker furniture. An idea Marcus Woeller takes up when he presents a whole array of extraordinary furniture designs using wicker work. Markus Frenzl casts an eye backward and forward with a text on the ongoing 1950s revival. Peter Sägesser tries his hand at a typology of kiosks and in a multi-page photo spread exhibits images of some of these tiny flagship stores. Antonia Henschel was around town at Designers Week in Tokyo and brought back some impressions for us. And you can also look forward to marvelously colorful, floral and spring-like patterns, colorful bicycles, strident recliners and quite a bit more, too.

As always, the design of the magazine was lead-managed by Antonia Henschel of Sign Kommunikation. As of April 1, the magazine will be available from selected magazine dealers and on direct subscription.

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