llusion of depth

Swarovski Lighting has developed the "Infinite Aura" luminaire collection in collaboration with the design and innovation consultancy Ideo.

With "Infinite Aura", Swarovski Lighting, in cooperation with the design and innovation consultancy Ideo, has created a luminaire collection that at first glance appears unusually straightforward. The optical effect of the precision-cut Swarovski crystals only becomes apparent via the inner ring: the view in the reflector illuminated with LEDs seems to extend to infinity. Available in five colours and sizes, "Infinite Aura" can be customized from wall to ceiling installation. The lighting scene can also be influenced: preset scenarios can be called up and own settings programmed using the "Infinite Control" app. The light temperature and intensity are also variable. If desired, the lamps can be decorated with a circulating decorative band of Swarovski crystals so that they produce effects even when switched off. (am)