Take receipt of parcels at any time
Feb 17, 2016

We all know the new version of Murphy’s Law: The mailman with the expected parcel is just bound to ring when no one is home. And then with the stub he left in your mailbox you have to make the onerous trip to the local post office or parcel outlet. In many cases, these have truly unpleasant opening hours, which only complicates things further. After what feels like an eternity waiting in line, you at long last have the cherished parcel in your hands. All that can now be a thing of the past. A new product from Siedle renders the trip to the post office or store superfluous: the Siedle Delivery Box and app. Thanks to ultramodern technology and smart functions, you can now take receipt of your parcels round the clock. No need for those stubs!

At this year’s Light + Building, the international lighting and building services technology trade fair in Frankfurt/Main, Siedle is presenting the very first easy-to-use parcel acceptance system for your home. The Delivery Box saves a lot of time and gives you greater independence in everyday life. The box from the Steel design line is purpose-made to your specs by Siedle. It is large and can even house big bulky parcels from any of the delivery companies. You no longer need a key to open it, as the practical parcel station can be unlocked electronically as required: by the press of a finger, by tapping in a numerical code, or by using an electronic door opener.

The Delivery Box is completely integrated into the Siedle intercom system. Using the Siedle app and a camera in the door intercom, you the receiver are notified by smartphone when someone rings the doorbell back home. Using the live video feed you can see who it is – and can then communicate with the person using the intercom. The box can be operated remotely by tapping the display of your smartphone to unlock it; the mailman can then place the parcel inside and closes the box again. These functions rely on the IP-based Siedle Access system – for maximized security. (sb)

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The Siedle delivery box allows parcels to be received conveniently when no one is present. Therefore, the postman just has to ring the doorbell.
All Photos © S. Siedle & Söhne

The door call with video image appears then on the user’s iPhone
thanks to the Siedle App.

The box can be opened with just one fingertip on the display of the smartphone – then the postman can drop off his parcel.