Taking the waters with St Francis of Assisi
In furnishing and conceiving the standard workstations Lista Office LO teamed up with the Oberwaid – Spa & Medical Center. <br/>Photo © Lista Office LO

The origins of the Oberwaid spa complex near St. Gallen can be traced to the year 1845. Today, the former “hydrotherapy institute” is a contemporary spa complex that also houses a medical center. Diet, spiritual and physical wellbeing are the three focus points for spa guests – very much reflecting the teachings of St Francis of Assisi. Fittingly, the footprint of the Y-shaped building, which was completed in 2012, resembles a tau cross, the sign of blessing of the Franciscans. The architect Carlos Martinez has embedded the new building in an old park, meaning that guests have a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape, Lake Constance, and the Swiss mountains.

Inside the building, the rooms feature a modern, elegant design, from the restaurants through to the treatment rooms. For the interior design the operator commissioned Lista Office LO, which dreamed up functional and attractive solutions – also in the medical area. “Apart from making us a good offer financially, Lista Office LO took excellent care of us, and was quick to identify our needs at all times,” says Managing Director Thomas Weber. The aim was to coordinate the furniture with the respective spatial situation, which also included harmonious color accents. Above all, the furniture had to be functional. It was hoped that a pared-down design idiom and harmonious color combinations would motivate employees and make for a productive working atmosphere. Generous storage space facilitates organization for a tidy working environment. In addition, the system furniture is versatile and can be adapted to the individual needs of the staff. For example, the “LO Choice” table is height-adjustable, and the CPU holder is mobile for added convenience.

Moreover, it was possible to satisfy the special requirements for medical areas with easy-clean surfaces and steel furniture. The latter is part of the Lista Office LO range and looks just perfect in a 21st century spa complex.

In furnishing and conceiving the standard workstations Lista Office LO teamed up with the Oberwaid – Spa & Medical Center. <br/>Photo © Lista Office LO
The footprint of the Spa Complex resembles a tau cross; the wrap-around balconies offer fantastic views of the surrounding landscape. Photo © Oberwaid AG
The foyer already reveals the Oberwaid Spa & Medical Center’s philosophy – to be modern and pioneering. Photo © Lista Office LO
Focusing on ergonomics: The LO Choice table is height-adjustable. Shown here in the elegant real-wood version. Photo © Lista Office LO
In harmony with the surroundings. Guests of the Medical Center are welcomed in this spacious and modern reception area. <br/>Photo © Lista Office LO


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