The axis of the rice cookers
by Esther Schulze-Tsatsas
Oct 3, 2012

Anyone who day-in day-out clicks their way through numerous blogs will invariably occasionally pause for a minute at a special photo, a cool slogan or a striking graphic. Beautiful Japanese girls with a bright pelican on their arms turning on their own axis, are no doubt just one of the surprises, like the revolving straw hats and rice cookers. You’ll find them at “rrrrrrrroll”, a blog from Japan that is committed to GIF technology.

The “Graphics Interchange Format” or GIF for short, allows motion sequences to be programmed by storing several individual images to a file. Graphics or photographs can thus be turned into small animations with amusing effects, as “rrrrrrrroll” shows. Founded by a loose group of creative minds who prefer to remain anonymous, the blog is dedicated to the principle of axial rotation. In other words, persons or objects rotate on their own axis, and go on and on and on – with an umbrella or a cap, on the beach or in a forest until you are left perhaps as dizzy as they.