The brick avant-garde

The KolumbaTM brick was developed in collaboration with Swiss architect Peter Zumthor for the new building of the Kolumba museum in Cologne. It is a handcrafted coal-fired brick that can be used for both walls and paving.

Zumthor attaches great value to the preservation of the museum's original foundation walls. The new building was thus designed not to erase any traces of history, but instead link in with the historical façades. In order to blend in flexibly to the existing walls, the Danish brick was laid with wide horizontal joints. Thanks to the handcrafting, it appears rather uneven. Yet, due to the façade's overall calm feel, the bricks ensure the Gothic church's pointed arches, which are blackened from fire, to stand out.

All photos © David Giebel, Stylepark
All photos © David Giebel, Stylepark