The design sky over Kortrijk - Opening of Gallery 113 by Arne Quinze
by Claudia Beckmann | Nov 5, 2007
Gallery 113

If someone can design anything at all, then he will design it: Arne Quinze takes on everything, be it furniture, sports shoes, art objects or luxury hotels. Most of all he would even like to design his very own city one day - all in his style. And that is truly concise.
Everything he does has garish colors, consists of unusual materials and preferably features warped forms. Of course, it is best when all of these elements are present in a design together. With "Mutagenesis", Quinze showed at Abitare il Tempo in Verona this year an orchestration with incredibly powerful and visionary sculptures: "A futuristic foretaste of the shape of things to come. An exploration of human behaviour and interaction. Experiments and visions for living and surviving. Movement captured in time". Dynamism and form are two decisive concepts in Quinze's work. He transfers the self-confident, eruptive dynamism which is characteristic of him to his designs. The boards in his wood constructions are never stacked in strict forms, but nailed together randomly, a little like a quick sketch.
His past work with spray paint still influences his designs today. Arne Quinze's objects are more cool gestures than systematically elaborated designs which can be explained using a well-grounded approach. What is always important for him is also the fun in doing what he does, the happening itself. Whether the projects have a lasting value is secondary. An example of this is his gigantic plywood sculpture for the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert, which was torched at the end.Quinze compares his team to a rock band, and he is the front man. He nurtures his wild image. What the ex-street kid has retained to this day is his independence. Arne Quinze does what he wants. The self-made designer with tattoos and sunglasses is proud to have had the streets, and not professors, as teacher. When Arne Quinze is not off around the world somewhere arranging hotel foyers, clubs, luxury yachts or showrooms, he still lives in the small city of Kortrijk in Belgian Flanders. And he has just moved there together with more than 60 colleagues from all over the world and from various disciplines. From a basement in the industrial area, the ideas factory of the company Quinze & Milan, founded in 1999, the firm has moved to a new, 10,000 square meter headquarters. A stone's throw from the Xpo complex, where the Interieur design biennial takes place every other year, the industrial building in the center of Kortrijk houses a showroom, studios and production facilities. All together it is a creative platform, according to the young master. "The who's who of the international design world will visit us every two years", explains Quinze. Kortrijk as future design capital?In the showroom his own works, as well as works by other designers, are on display. You can visit Gallery 113 from now on from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. by reservation.

Gallery 113
Walle 113a
8500 Kortrijk
BelgiumFor more information: +32(0)56 24 05 90

Gallery 113