The remote controlled house

Think blue pool against the backdrop of gleaming white walls; it’s a villa that has all the makings of a holiday home in the Mediterranean. In real life, the stunning property is actually located in northern Italy, in Bolzano to be precise, where the architects at monovolume succeeded not only in creating a luxurious home with welcoming open patios and spacious outdoor areas, but made it extremely energy-efficient into the bargain - using good insulation, triple glazing, and smart building services by Gira.

You will have guessed it – white is the owner’s favorite color. And the architects opted for exquisite materials to realize their client’s wish – tiny glass fragments in the plaster serve to create surfaces that radiate brightness, while marble on both the interior and exterior floors epitomizes pure luxury. Underfloor heating has been installed beneath the Carrara marble, while the ceilings boast air-conditioning for those hot summer days in South Tyrol. In addition, the building includes a domestic ventilation system with heat recovery which helps curb energy consumption considerably. Inside temperatures are controlled simply and efficiently using building services by Gira. The staircase seems to hover in space, is likewise in white, made of Corian and illuminated with LEDs to great effect. Different lighting scenarios can be programmed for these and indeed all other luminaires in the building. Elegant, flush-fitted tactile sensors from Gira create a range of ambiances to suit any mood and time of day. All electric components for heating, light and music can be regulated via the Gira HomeServer, using KNX technology. A multi-room system for the hifi set feeds the integrated ceiling speakers in the ancillary rooms or the elegant vitreous loudspeakers in the living room. Thanks to the Gira HomeServer App all technology in the “smart villa” can also be controlled from the road, using mobile end devices.

The abundant use of glass and the gleaming white of the façades give the villa masterminded by monovolume architects a Mediterranean look-and-feel. Photo © M&H Photostudio/Gira
The abundant use of glass and the gleaming white of the façades give the villa masterminded by monovolume architects a Mediterranean look-and-feel. Photo © M&H Photostudio/Gira
All large installations are made of Corian, shown here in gleaming white. Photo © M&H Photostudio/Gira
The seemingly weightless staircase made of Corian is illuminated from below with LEDs. <br/>Photo © M&H Photostudio/Gira
The blinds are controlled by Gira tactile sensors in conjunction with the KNX System and the Gira HomeServer and help to save energy. Photo © M&H Photostudio/Gira
Set different room temperatures – with the tactile sensors in the E22 switch series. Or control the sound in the entire building with the Gira Revox operating unit. Photo © M&H Photostudio/Gira
Needless to say, a smart building such as this one can be operated with mobile devices, for example the Gira HomeServer App. Photo © M&H Photostudio/Gira
Photo © M&H Photostudio/Gira
Photo © M&H Photostudio/Gira
White, the client’s favorite color, also dominates the interior, with the exception of selected items of furniture for spotlighting. Photo © M&H Photostudio/Gira
Smartly positioned luminaires, controlled by switches from Gira, provide effective or mood lighting in the kitchen. Photo © M&H Photostudio/Gira
The stereo system can be operated centrally, but individually. Photo © M&H Photostudio/Gira
The bathroom needs more than just bright lights all round – different effects can be created with the elegant E22 switch series from Gira. Photo © M&H Photostudio/Gira
The central control not only creates ambient lighting but also helps to save energy – here using the Gira Control 19 Client. Photo © M&H Photostudio/Gira
The floor plans demonstrate that the modest plot of land has been utilized to maximum benefit. <br/>Photo © M&H Photostudio/Gira
Photo © M&H Photostudio/Gira


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