The stretching table
Mar 21, 2016

Living culture and design concepts change over time. As do some items of furniture – such as the flexible tables and chairs by moll. Strictly separated living and dining room and kitchens morph into generous landscaped interiors, holistic furnishing systems give way to an individual mix of furniture and design objects. Favorite personal items meet design classics, old meets new, functional meets playful.

The new “moll unique” product line locks into this trend towards open living concepts and provides furniture that can be used flexibly. The table “moll T 7” can thus be used for the kids’ first experiments with arts and crafts, but can be quickly and easily turned into a standing work table for the grown-ups – thanks to the height-adjustable electronic drive, activated by the press of a button. The table can thereby “grow” slowly and in accordance with its user, providing an precise ergonomic fit down through the years. The timeless, formally reduced design that eschews any frills looks great in the most diverse of interior concepts. The furniture makers supply the table tops in six colors, including two with a wood look. This great amount of flexibility makes the moll T7 a lifelong companion and family heirloom.
The matching castor-based container “moll c7”, with its lockable compartment for utensils, turns the table into a work desk. But children can use it in many ways, too: with an additional pad, a cushion available in pink or blue, the moll c7 is quickly “transformed” into a rolling seat for the little ones.

The Unique brand offers a further “growing” piece of furniture: The “moll S6” chair is reminiscent of an office chair, whereby seat height, seat depth, and the back rest with its slanted frame can be adapted ergonomically to fit any user’s height. Moreover, seat and backrest are made from a high-tech mesh that cushions any shifts in weight. All this makes the chair great for users of all ages, and it thus adapts perfectly to changes to the living environment as down through the years: “People are becoming more open, they are more inclined to share or exchange things, and they live in spaces that do not have a fixed design or function. This is why, in our view, furniture must be both flexible in terms of how it can be used, as well as speaking a design language that appeals to all ages. And it must be able to change as needed,” as Martin Moll, moll’s executive partner, explains the winning concept. (rw)

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Furniture with masses of character – and flexible, too: the line “moll unique”. Table “moll T7” and chair “moll S6” are height adjustable; roll container “moll C7” with pad can also be used as seating by children. All photos © Roger Valentin Mandt

Also looks great in a loft with patchwork furniture: the “moll T 7” with a wood-look finish, here used as desk for adults.

The furniture design is timeless and fits into various home concepts – also after many years.

Design line for every age: the ergonomic furniture for children offer variable functions to adjust. Adults can use them years after for their office or in the living room.