Theater eye candy

„Melt“ von Front für Tom Dixon

Mar 31, 2015
Photos © Tom Dixon

Der britische Designunternehmer lädt in Mailand in ein verlassenes Theater ein, wo man Neuheiten wie die Leuchte „Melt“ vom Designer-Trio Front direkt kaufen kann.

Tom Dixon remains the man who stirs things up in the industry, the flamboyant entrepreneur who stages his design objects in a quite unprecedented way, and they sell like hotcakes. Dixon himself says that “a design corporation today cannot be content to focus only on designing objects, but must also concentrate on communicating, contextualizing and commercializing its ideas. This is why we have rented an abandoned theater in Milan in order to create a temporary presentation space there that combines entertainment and commerce. Meaning the new products can be presented not only as prototypes on plinths, but as innovations you can buy direct, take with you, or simply have delivered to wherever you want.”

The program for the “Casa dell’Opera Nazionale Balilla” includes a light show, a VIP lounge and of course a huge store where you can get shopping. And there you’ll also find the new “Melt” pendant luminaire by Sweden’s female trio Front – it looks like a piece of homemade caramel candy, available, depending on your taste, in copper, chrome and gold, ready for purchase and use. (mm)

Tom Dixon
Casa dell’Opera Nazionale Balilla
April 15-19
Via Pietro Mascagni, 6, Milan